Trigger points

You’ll often hear me talking about ‘trigger points’. Studies have shown that trigger points cause 85% of human pain complaints. Watch this video for a visual explanation of trigger points—

Why do we care about trigger points? Endurance athletes can gain a huge edge by implementing trigger point therapy, because you’re using your muscles day-in and day-out. Everyone is susceptible, not just people who work out. If you use your muscles for any period of time, including walking, turning your head, or even leaning forward marginally to peer out your blinds, you are susceptible. If you even slightly lose your footing while you’re walking, you are susceptible to getting a trigger point somewhere in your body. In that particular situation, probably somewhere in your legs depending on the exact muscles that subconsciously reacted to correct your footing in the moment, anywhere from your ankle to your groin to your lower back…and if you flailed around enough, maybe even your arms.

So what does this tell us? To respect trigger points, and take care of them as soon as they start referring pain in your body. Contact me today to set up a personal training session that includes trigger point therapy

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