You’re probably wondering, “What should I be eating in order to get in shape and get fit?” This day and age, it seems that processed foods are all around us, that it’s impossible not to be eating food that comes from packages on supermarket shelves or from a nearby restaurant. But if you want to lose fat and get healthy, processed food is not the way to go. Why eat food that was once alive, but is later stripped of its nutritional value and loaded with artificial chemicals to add ‘flavor’? If bugs and bacteria won’t eat aspartame, why should we? If a McDonalds cheeseburger can last 13 years in the open air and still look the same as when it was ‘freshly made’, why should we run it through our digestive system?
After asking yourself these questions, do you want to start eating healthier, less processed, more natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables? I sure did

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I'm an outdoor enthusiast dedicated to sharing my passion for health with the world. Cycling, running, swimming are my personal focus along with strength, coordination and balance

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