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Bambi Adams of Dallas, TX lost 70 pounds and credits much of her success to her trainer, Zack Istre.

Bambi Adams, of Dallas, lost 70 pounds and last year alone completed her first 10K, 15K, dualthlon, triathlon, four half marathons and a full marathon. She credits much of her success to her trainer, Zack Istre. They are shown going through some minor weight training during a workout on April 11, 2010. (John F. Rhodes / The Dallas Morning News)

Bambi Adams calls her yearly checkup in October 2008 a “wake-up call.”

Her blood pressure and her blood-sugar levels were up, as was her weight: to 210 pounds.

Her doctor prescribed an appetite suppressant, and Bambi also changed her diet and began exercising. Last year, she did her first 10K, 15K, duathlon, triathlon, half-marathon and marathon. And she’s lost 70 pounds.

Fitness routine: Weights once a week, running 3-4 times a week, and cycling as often as I can.

Piece of equipment I can’t live without: It’s not equipment; it’s my personal trainer, Zack Istre. He pushes me to do things I never thought I could do, like run a marathon

Advice you would give someone who wants to follow your routine: Follow you doctor’s advice. Listen to your body; it will tell you when you’re pushing too far. Last spring, two weeks before my first half-marathon, I went to the doctor because my leg had been hurting. He said I had a stress fracture and guaranteed I wouldn’t finish and that my leg could break. I was devastated.

How I motivate myself: I kept a log every month of my weight and measurements. I put it in a frame with a before and after picture, which hangs on my refrigerator.

Proudest exercise moment: Finishing the 2010 White Rock Marathon

Greatest Fitness Example: My trainer. Not only is he helping me get fit; he has helped me believe in myself and be proud of what I have done.


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